Commercial Mortgages and

Commercial Mortgages and

M.I.T specializes in commercial mortgages and construction loans. We work with many lenders, from institutional to private, to obtain the best loan for you. We are specialized in arranging medium to large scale commercial mortgages, financing first and second mortgages, renewals and refinancing commercial mortgages, financing on all types of commercial real estate and portfolios across Canada. Our expertise consists of: multi-unit residential (5 or more rental units), apartment buildings, retail plazas, strip malls and shopping centers, office buildings, medical centers, industrial buildings, hotels and motels, social clubs and banquet halls, schools and places of worship, recreational real estate, car washes and restaurants, properties that require stabilization (currently vacant or being retrofitted), Construction mortgages, land financing and special purpose properties including hotel loans, car dealerships, gas stations, parking lots, medical office and self-storage loans.

Our added value is our understanding of commercial mortgages, our knowledge, expertise, and specialty in this area, our ability to simplify the lending process and our network and relationship with lenders. We work with our lenders' network to deliver the most suitable financing and rates for you and the most competitive structure. You will save time and money.

We will walk you through the comprehensive process from the application and professional mortgage consultation and analysis to the underwriting process and the professional mortgage representation to lenders, review of lending offers, negotiate the suitable terms and rates for you and guide you through the funding process.

The cost of this service is frequently paid for by securing the lowest interest rate and lower loan fees.

Commercial Mortgages:
Lending criteria:

Industrial Buildings
Multi-Residential of all sizes including: Retirement home, students residence, nursing home, townhouse apartment buildings and etc
CMHC insured with 3% for 5 years available
CMHC and Conventional insured condominium construction loans are also available.

Office Buildings financing is available on all office buildings including single-use locations and multi-tenant office towers.
Retail | Shopping Malls – variety of retail properties including free-standing retail buildings, retail strip plazas, and shopping malls.
Special Purpose properties including: Hotels – for both flagged and non-flagged hotels. Car Dealerships, Gas Stations, Parking Lots, Medical Office, Self-Storage.

Financing on stabilized and unstabilized commercial Loan Features:

Fixed or floating rates
Terms up to 25 years with Amortizations up to 35 years or interest only loans
LTV 65/75% – we can go up to 85% LTV with a higher rate.
First mortgages, second mortgages and construction financing is available.